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​'Rolling Rascals' Pre-School Gymnastics

rr1.jpgUnstructured & structured classes for children from walking to 4 years.
Your young gymnast will follow a fun, interactive, development programme which introduces basic fundamental movement patterns and gymnastic adventure. Programmes include all the traditional gymnastics apparatus including beams, bars, trampoline, training pits and purpose built pre-school equipment and hand apparatus.

Choose from unstructured Play Gym sessions to structured classes with mum or dads assistance or an independent session for older children.
Programmes develop fundamental basics including climbing, swinging, rr2.jpg
balancing, jumping and landing whilst also introducing gymnastic skills including rolls, handstands and cartwheels.

Themed weeks and regular badges & certificates from 'BG's Fundamentals and Pre-School programmes ensure enjoyment and a sense of fun and achievement.

Class types & times

Rascals Play Gym: From walking, a gentle introduction to gymnastics the class is unstructured & gives parents & gymnasts a chance to explore & try all the gyms exquipment & foam pit.

Rolling Rascals (Rollers): Young gymnasts from 2 years, with a parents assistance, follow a structured programme utilising all the gyms equipment, introducing basic movment patterns and gymnastics adventure!

Rolling Rascals (Tumblers): For children in the year preceeding a start and ready to attend a class independently.  . With the focus still on FUN but slightly more challenging tasks and advanced gymnastic skills. 

Rascals Play Gym*:10.00 - 10.45*​9.30 - 10.15*

Rolling Rascals (Rollers)


10.00 - 10.45

11.00 - 11.45

10.00 - 10.45

Rolling Rascals (Tumblers)

1.55 - 2.40  11.00 - 11.45   11.00 - 11.45​​​

Cost - Rolling Rascals

We ask that you pay for 2 initial classes on a 'trial' basis (£12) before taking out an annual membership & insurance (£22) and paying training fees by monthly standing order (£25) - Membership & Insurance is renewable in September each year.

Prior booking of classes is required. Children should be appropriately dressed in t shirt & shorts / leggings with long hair tied and ALL jewellery removed.

*'Rascals Play Gym'

Unstructured pay as you go classes for children aged 5 & under. Here's a chance for parents to engage with and encourage children to try all of the gyms equipment. There has to be one responsible adult to supervise each child with coaches on hand to offer advice if necessary. No need to book, classes last 45 minutes and cost £5, there is an annual insurance and membership payment of £22 payable after your second visit.- (Membership & Insurance is renewable in September each year.)

Children should be appropriately dressed in t shirt & shorts / leggings, with long hair tied and ALL jewellery removed.