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​​Gymnastics for All

Orchards 'Gymnastics for All' programme aims to offer children a taste of a wide range of gymnastics activities from the more traditional artistic gymnastics on all the familiar apparatus to acrobatics, tumbling, trampette and freestyle gymnastics. Classes are fun based, encouraging participation, achievement and reward, bringing with it fitness, flexibility, strength and confidence.

​​Gymnastics for All Programmes
Gymnasts work towards 'British Gymnastic' proficiency awards and our annual club championships competition. 
We recognise the different requirements and desires of children of different ages and split our programme into 3 age groupings, following a format aimed at ensuring appropriate content relevant to children's ages...​ more

​​​Competition Squads
For those showing potential and a desire, we offer a pathway enabling young gymnasts to potentially enter one of our competition squads in either Tumbling, Team Gym or Acrobatics with the chance to compete at County, Regional and National levels.
The club proudly boasts a number of Regional and National Champions
...​ more​